Václav Peňáz J.D. Law Office

Company history and profile

Václav Peňáz, J.D., an advocate and his law office have been a stable fixture on the legal service market in the Czech Republic since 1990. Since its foundation, the office has been headquartered in Brno. In the course of its operation, the company has successfully solved several thousand of law cases in the area of business, civil and labour law as well as other connected legal fields. The office has, however, achieved good results in the area of criminal law as well, in spite of the fact that criminal law is not the key focus of its activities. Thanks to this fact, the office disposes of extensive know-how with regard to provision of legal services.

The key focus of the office lies in comprehensive legal services for business entities.
They include status agenda (foundation, changes and termination of legal entities of all legal forms and trade authorizations), business/law agenda (counselling and signing contracts and other documents related to individual business cases), debt agenda (legal ways for debt recovery, including insolvency proceeding), labour/law agenda (labour relationships, termination of employment, labour disputes, internal employer regulations) and administration agenda (legal services in special areas which deal with client activities, e.g. consumer protection, construction law, telecommunication law and environment etc.)

The office has been working together with a number of clients who are regular purchasers of its services on a long-term basis (see References). The office, of course, provides legal services in the areas mentioned above also to other clients as one-time (ad hoc) services.

The second area upon which the office focuses is classical civil and family-law agenda (property disputes, housing law, inheritance, purchasing contracts, contracts for work, lease contracts, parent responsibility, divorce, settlement between spouses etc.)

The third area of focus is its specialization. Concretely the office specializes in legal provisions for property business (contracts, their connection to bank project funding, holding money and documentation in escrow, attestation of a signature etc.) and developer projects (the scope of services begins with lot purchasing and ends with providing a legal umbrella services for the entire project).

Current state and structure of the company

The law office is situated in a beautifully reconstructed Art Nouveau building at Pekařská 13, Brno. The entire entry office floor (100m2) is an area where we meet our clients. The two remaining floors consist of offices of individual attorneys, their clerks and other company facilities.

Aside from Václav Peňáz, J.D., the law office team is composed of four other attorney an their clerks, the office secretary, an accounting administrator and several interns/ the Faculty of Law students.

Pekařská 13, Brno
541 243 358