Pekařská 13, Brno
541 243 358


The Czech Bar Association came into being on 1/7/1990 as an independent professional organization of layers guaranteeing the rule of law, expertise and ethics in the area of provision of legal service. Václav Peňáz, J.D., became its member on the same day and is entered in the Czech Bar Association registry under the registration number 00484.

Since February 2009 we have been headquartered in new space at Pekařská 13, in Brno which has been remodelled as part of a total reconstruction of the Pekařská 13/Kopečná 54 property by the owner of the building to accommodate the operational needs of the office. Thus new and respectable law office headquarters came into being. It has good prospects for the future and its character corresponds to the status of the firm on the legal services market.

The reconstruction was carried out tastefully and its result is a success. The owner of Pekařská 13/Kopečná 54 property carried it out according to a plan by Jan Keith, a Brno architect. The law office existing interior was designed by another Brno architect -- Tomislav Herman. Office space furniture was provided by Vincent s.r.o and the atypical interior parts originated in the workshop of Saša Petkovič, a carpenter firm. Visual art in the office interior was created by liona Malinová. Office technical and communication facilities come from K- net Technical International Group, s.r.o., Stegos, s.r.o..