Prices and rates

Prices for attorney services are contractual. The amount of remuneration is based upon the value and complexity of the matter which is the subject of the legal service. Remuneration is agreed either as a fixed payment, a share in the outcome of the matter or an hourly fee. If no remuneration has been agreed upon, the attorney has the right to a minimum payment determined for the particular case by a decree by the Ministry of Justice of the CR No. 177/1996 of the legal code on remuneration of attorneys and compensation for their provision of legal services.
The updated wording of attorney rates is available here.

Our law office has, since its origin, adheres to the principle of proportionality in its price policy. That means that the amount charged must always correspond to the performance rendered.

The minimum price for legal attorney services has been fixed by the attorney rate. According to the professional code of the CBA, client cannot be charged lower prices for the services in question. The attorney may, however, give a discount price to a client up to 50% of his/her remuneration.

If an hourly fee is agreed upon, the basic price for business matters is
CZK 2 000/hr+VAT and in other matters CZK 1 500/hr+VAT.

When representing clients in civil proceedings, the adverse party is charged lump payments for legal services.

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